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Cup Filling & Sealing Machine 1

Cup Filling & Sealing Machine

Cup Filling & Sealing Machine

Product Description

Our manual cup sealing machine’s components are totally consist of stainless-steel.

Technical Data:

Capacity : 500 pcs / per hour
Cup size : Min. Diameter 40 , Max Diameter 95
Filling range in cup : Min : 50 gm. , Max : 500 gm
Dimensions of machine : 400x500x350
Approximately Weight : 55 kg
Electrical Components : Electronic card from Cemre

Filling station :The machine has two kinds of filling system
*For Liquids : Some flavors that can be filled are thus : water , fruit juice , buttermilk , Jelly , and so on..
*For low-liquidness: This machine has pomp system for this kind of liquids. And some stuff that can be filled is thus: water, fruit juice, buttermilk jelly, cream cheese, ketchup, mayonnaise, chocolate and suchlike…

Operation system: This machine is working manually. Rotary table is turned by employee with manually. Holes on rotary table sits to fingernail system at the end of every move which done by employees. Filling and sealing are done automatically. Dropping cups, placing lids and the taking ready cups from holes are done by employees.

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