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Cake Production Line

Cake Production Plant

Cake Production Line

Cake Samples:

Descriprion of Cake Production Line Instruments:

Mixer: Series of food agitators are the advanced equipments by designing meticulously by our company which exerts the movement of principle of planet, the stirrer does the planet sporting the storage bucket ,thus makes food fully mixed, and its characteristics: steady work, multi-function, easy operation, high working efficient. It is suitable for candy factory, food factory, snack shop, also for units of factories and mines, such as pharmacy, industrial chemicals etc.

Cake Depositor: The machine adopted computer programming, with the features of compact structure, concentrate function, automatic and quantitative extruding, high precision and simple operation. And it is also adopted the cylinder to be the power and worked with the photo-electric tracking together. This kind of machine is the most advanced equipment in domestic market at present.

Filling Machine: It is the machine to fill the cream into the cake.

Rotary Oven: The hot-blast rotary oven is an ideal equipment for cookies, bread, and cake. It has the features as follows: 1)even color of the fire, not the common oven can be compared; 2)High-efficient power-saving technology which makes the energy fully utilized;3)Used imported parts with super warm keeping and rigorous sealing performance. It makes sure the reduce of the heat loss at the max extent.4)The lighting of filament lamp. We can check the baking color from the glass door of oven in time and clearly.

Sterilization & Cooling line: Finished cakes are sterilized and cooled through transmission.

Bakery trays: Bakery trays can be made according to customers’ requirements.                  

Nitrogen Machine Set: 3m3 nitrogen machine and air compressor set

Cake Packing Machine: This machine is designed for solid matter pillow packaging. It is propitious to all kinds of well-regulated solid matter, such as the food, cookies, bread, moon cake, candy etc, and commodity, industry accessory etc. For bulk or separation of individual objects should be placed in the box first, or tie them up, make them come into a whole ,and then it can be packaged on this machine, the same as the other non-solid package.

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